We’re manufacturing our products with love and coffee

Built to last

We produce all of our bags in-house, right here in Egypt under the sun of great Cairo.

But we don’t stop there.

We buy 98% of our materials from Egyptian manufacturers too.

Our Craftsmen

Our team is some of the most talented makers in this field in the country.
And it’s why every single bag is proudly emblazoned with the words ‘Handmade in Egypt’.

Sustainable design

When we design a new product, we intend for it to be used for as long as possible. That’s why we overspecify our raw materials and hardware to ensure our products never fail you out in the real life.


We seek to offer various products at affordable and competitive prices that fit all our customers’ needs and abilities.

We’re inspired by the desert landscape, the history, the culture and wildlife.

Our materials are time-tested and reliable to create bags that thrive out in the wild - wherever your adventure may be.

design process - factory

Before we sketch anything, we outline the product’s mission and requirements. We meticulously map the competitive landscape to avoid duplicating what’s already on the market.

Raw material - factory

We manufacture most of our raw material by ourselves and we cooperate with our suppliers to make raw materials that aren’t only durable and functional but also age beautifully with use and wear.

Cutting - factory

We prepare our raw material and cut them by various techniques depending on the raw material.

Sewing - Factory

We constantly seek out new construction techniques to make refined products that will perform fantastically in all conditions.